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Forged in real-world experience.
All our people have significant operational experience in high-risk environments.  

We’ve all lived and adapted to risks and crises. We bring our knowledge and insights to a range of organisations and industries – supporting you before, during and after events.

Your Berwicks team

Jamie Murray


Jamie is highly sought after for his expertise in advising, coaching and mentoring at all levels of an organisation. His specialisms lie in consultancy and training in complex environments: the nuclear, electricity, government, oil and gas sectors in both public and private arenas rank among his extensive experience.  

He understands the importance of mindset alongside management during risk and crisis. His particular expertise includes developing stakeholder engagement in team building, maximizing individuals’ potential beyond their perceived limits and change and process management. He believes that his role is not to deliver a ready-made solution, but to be the agent that enables an organisation to develop its own.  

Frank, honest, and never afraid to challenge assumptions, Jamie is fluent in English, German and French, and speaks conversational Dutch, Italian and Spanish. He applies rigour to ideas and organisations to embed capabilities and confidence.  

Richard Youngs

Managing Director

Rich is an experienced business leader who has developed an appreciation for the importance of effective leadership, good communication and what it takes to get the best out of individuals and teams.  

Rich has held leadership roles within large multi-national organisations specialising in mergers and acquisitions. His experience includes developing oil and gas operations in Mozambique and Indonesia as well as integrating emergency medical services companies in Scandinavia. He has led aviation businesses in the UK, Ireland and Germany for a FTSE-100 company, predominantly delivering mission critical services to both government and non-governmental organisations. Rich has first-hand experience of operating in extremely challenging and highly regulated environments, from offshore exploration to working collaboratively with international organisations delivering humanitarian disaster relief in South Sudan

Michael Finlay

Director of Operations

Michael is a highly experienced and proven practitioner, trainer and mentor in emergency and crisis management. His wealth of experience involves cultivating operational resilience in the highly regulated aviation, nuclear and defence sectors. Michael advises and delivers consultancy and coaching that builds capabilities and improves personal communication, leadership and decision-making skills.    

Michael is our operations and quality manager and the contract lead providing consultancy services to clients. His experience as a pilot and then consultant has built tenacity in emergency, critical incident and crisis management planning. Change management projects, process optimisation, training course design and delivery and crew resource management instruction rank among his key skills.

Jonny Price

Project Manager / Consultant

Jonny is an accomplished leader, project manager and emergency management professional with a broad skill set, developed from working across a wide range of environments. Including the defence, energy, nuclear and engineering sectors.  

Jonny has strong interpersonal skills and is used to leading and uniting diverse teams in complex environments within large organisations. He specialises in enabling organisations to make better, more informed risk-based decisions to drive growth and performance. He designs realistic, relevant training and exercising in the emergency environment, and builds resilience across organisations. He has extensive experience in leadership development and performance coaching.  

He is also currently studying for an MSc in Risk, Disaster and Resilience at University College London.  

"Berwicks has enabled us to develop genuine confidence and capability in dealing with an emergency. The levels of experience they bring to the process has been a real game changer"

Crew Captain

How we work

Through our core pillars of strategic thinking, resilience, and leadership, we embed ourselves into all levels of our clients’ organisations. Berwicks Consultants are relied upon for our expertise, emotional intelligence and fresh perspectives. We…

Transform Mindsets

Understanding your performance during crises and high-risk periods is indicative of your organisational tenacity and leadership capability. We help you think through risk and crisis as a continuous process of reflection, response and growth.

Align organisations…

Purpose, Vision, Strategy, Organisation, Culture: everything that makes your business unique is aligned to help you make decisions, better. During times of crisis, and when facing everyday risks.

Give you the tools for success…

Purpose, Vision, Strategy, Organisation, Culture: everything that makes your business unique is aligned to help you make decisions, better. During times of crisis, and when facing everyday risks.

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