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Berwicks shapes mindsets through action.

We’re real-life practitioners with experience in high-risk situations. By examining your organisation through your risk and crisis responses, we understand how your people, values and operations are aligned.  

We take a holistic view of risk. We recognise that all elements are interdependent and interconnected – and so are our attitudes, services and people.

Interdependent and Interconnected

Our people embed themselves in your business and get to know your organisation – inside and out. We’re at ease with the CEO and the newest apprentice. We build bridges and forge connections with your values at the core.


There is a mutual dependency running throughout all aspects of your organisation. Events and decisions in one area influence others, even if they do not appear to be linked at first glance. Our view of interdependency allows us to understand your organisation as a whole, unifying mindsets and attitudes to risk and crisis.


We enhance agility by strengthening the connections between people, operations, systems and processes.

We help to align all aspects of your organisation to ensure capability and confidence wherever they are needed.

Our Services

Each of our services is focused on building resilience, helping unlock opportunities by focussing on risk-based decision making. Risk and crises are not predictable. By understanding responses as mindset, rather than just management, we mitigate risks and find opportunities. Strengthening your leadership and organisational resilience.

Risk and crisis management capability

Crises are inevitable. But your responses to them are not.  

We examine your risk awareness, capabilities and environment to understand how and why you respond in a particular way. Our people embed in your organisation the elasticity, confidence and competence necessary for a resilient risk and crisis response.  

Our crisis management strategies are simple, flexible, and most importantly, actionable. We work with you to implement these strategies and the mindsets behind them.

“I was impressed and completely satisfied with the professionalism of Berwicks personnel and would recommend Berwicks for any similar crisis, or incident response project involving the development, training and exercising of an organisation’s capability to respond to crises, incidents and emergencies"

Security and Resilience Director, Nuclear Industry

Leadership development & resilience

With our experience in complex, high-stakes industries – defence, energy, infrastructure, healthcare – we understand the value of capable, clear-sighted leadership.

Confident leadership is one of the pillars of a successful organisation, supporting and inspiring all facets of your business and people. Empowering your leadership team to make the right decisions, at the right time. Giving confidence to lead your organisation through crisis, risks, and the everyday.  

Our leadership development strategies bring a fresh perspective. We give you the confidence to challenge preconceptions and change mindsets across your organisation.

“Berwicks provided the leadership coaching which transformed my team at every level and ensured we were in robust and resilient good order to deal with Covid-19 when it hit.”

Managing Director, FTSE – 250 Manufacturing Company

Business Optimisation

Our business transformation recognises the processes already embedded in your organisation and the sensitivities of your industry. We don’t rip up the rule book: we improve efficiency and embrace opportunity by challenging perspectives.  

Working in close cooperation with your teams, we develop new ways of working that aligns decisions, behaviours and activities at all levels of your organisation.  Ultimately improving the ability to drive success.

“For over 20 years, Berwicks has supported EDF with consulting services from strategic and executive level down to the operational. There is no better example of the Berwicks’ effect than the 2020 pandemic where they were invaluable to the Executive Management Team by providing embedded, permanent collaboration; coaching and mentoring.”

Mike Harrison, EDF Generation Transformation Director

Emergency management planning and training

Our emergency response planning builds resilience at every turn. Should the unexpected strike, we ensure your team is prepared to deal with it effectively and minimise damage.  

We examine all levels of your organisation to understand existing structures and capabilities. So wherever and whenever an emergency occurs, leaders and front-line operatives alike can implement a robust plan crafted for your needs. Through training and mentorship, we help instil confidence and reliability for an emergency and beyond. For more information click here.

“They were instrumental in developing coherent security arrangements from corporate down to individual petrochemical plant level, encompassing everything from physical to cyber security including training, advising and exercising and with extensive liaison with local law enforcement and border agency staff’

Chris Bremner, Proman Chief of Staff

Safety and security planning

The safety of your physical and digital assets is of paramount importance, now more than ever. Berwicks works with you to build security management systems across physical and cyber space.  

We reduce your vulnerabilities by examining risks, policy, and compliance with regional, national and international regulations. We then build an overarching security policy that can be implemented across sites and with our support at all levels. Collaborating with law enforcement and government departments, we ensure that your assets and people are protected. Aligning responses and policies for effective safeguarding.

“Berwicks has enabled us to develop genuine confidence and capability in dealing with an emergency. The levels of experience they bring to the process have been a real game changer.”

Crew Captain IPSL, Trinidad

Command leadership training

We deliver accredited training courses to enable individuals to develop the skills to work as part of cohesive teams to manage major incidents and shocks.  

Our training courses achieve national standards of competency and confidence to both public and private sector organisations. Protecting people and protecting business through engaging, challenging and rewarding command leadership training.

“The best tactical command course we have ever had. Practical skills that will make both the Trust and me better at responding to serious incidents.”

NHS Trust, Senior Manager

Discover the Berwicks difference

At Berwicks, we approach risk in a different way. Changing mindsets. Building confidence. Developing resilience. Helping people and organisations perform better, when it matters.

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